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What Does An Addiction Counselor Do?

Through addiction counseling, I will help you uncover the struggles in your life that led to substance use. We will discover how your patterned behavior of addiction has influenced your life –  how it has affected your relationships and decisions. You will come to understand your triggers toward substance use. 


Through a strengths-based perspective, you will discover your natural coping skills to manage daily stressors and triggers.


I specialize in various therapeutic techniques, such as 12-step, CBT, and DBT.  Everyone is unique, and because of this, I tailor each treatment plan to fit your unique needs. 


I believe that recovery is possible, necessary, and should be pleasurable. I incorporate fitness, spirituality, and practical tools into therapy. Your sessions are a safe place to be your authentic self – free from judgment – and full of honesty.  This will allow you to replace your negative patterns of behavior with ones that help you create the life you desire.

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